Developer(s)The Produkkt
Publisher(s)Sony Computer Entertainment
Release date(s)US & EU: October 15, 2009
Japan: September 17, 2009
PlatformsPlaystation 3
PS Vita
.detuned was released worldwide (most countries) on October 15, 2009 and in September for Japan. .detuned also was a Playstation 3 exclusive before it came out on the PS Vita. .detuned contains 4 bronze, 5 silver and 1 gold. The game does not include a Platinum Trophy.


  • Zoom - Use the camera controls to zoom in or out (Bronze)
  • Pump - Use the pump controls to pump up and release completely an effect (Bronze)
  • Crank - Use the right stick to crank up an effect (Bronze)
  • RTM - Read the... Help Screen (Bronze)
  • Combo - Issue any two button combo (Silver)
  • Demo - Watch the demo mode to the end (Silver)
  • Jarig - Look at Rob dancing (Silver)
  • Elephant Dance - Dance with four elephants around the chair (Silver)
  • Detune - Upload some music to your system, play that music while playing with detuned, and maximize one of the distortive sound effects (Silver)
  • Explorer - Use all Modes at least once in a session (Gold)