Dead Space 3

Dead space3
Developer(s)Visceral Games
Publisher(s)Electronic Arts
Release date(s)Febuary 8,2013
Xbox 360,
Genre(s)Survival Horror,
Third Person Shooter
Dead Space 3 will be released in the United States on Febuary 5th, 2013 and in Europe on Febuary 8th, 2013, you can see the trailer HERE . It is the 4th game in the Dead Space series to be released, and, the 3rd game in chronological order (discluding Dead Space: Ignition), Dead Space 3 contains 50 Trophies.

Campaign (No DLC Required)Edit

  • Brave New World - Collect all trophy (Platinum)
  • Stranger In Strange Land - Complete The Prologue (Bronze)
  • Space Odyssey - Survive Your First Spacewalk (Bronze)
  • Critical Mass - Recover The Shuttle (Bronze)
  • Snow Crash - Reach Tau Volantis (Bronze)
  • Intestinal Fortitude - Defeat The Hive Mind (Silver)
  • Hydra - Kill The Snowbeast (Bronze)
  • Together As One - Reassemble Rosetta (Bronze)
  • Shoot For The Moon - Defeat The Moon (Gold)
  • Under A Buck - Shoot the deer head trophy in the Admiral's Quarters (Bronze)
  • Space Ace - Shoot at least 70 targets during the ride to Tau Volantis (Bronze)
  • Hungry - Reach the pump room of the Waystation without alerting any Feeders (Bronze)
  • Drill Sergeant - Complete the Drill Room without taking any damage (Bronze)
  • Weed Killer - Kill 5 Cysts in the Biology Building with a single poison gas cloud (Silver)
  • Get On My Level - Complete the game on any difficulty setting (Bronze)
  • The Explorer - Complete all optional missions (Bronze)
  • Aren't You Thankful - Complete the game in Hardcore Mode (Gold)
  • Epic Tier 4 Engineer - Complete the game in Classic Mode (Silver)
  • Survivalist - Complete the game in Pure Survival Mode (Silver)
  • Gun Collector - Collect all Weapon Parts (Bronze)
  • The Professor - Collect all Artifacts (Bronze)
  • The Libarian - Collect all Logs (Bronze)
  • The Armorer - Collect all Circuits (Bronze)
  • There's Always Peng! - Find Peng (Silver)
  • My Buddy - Retrieve Resources from a Scavenger Bot at a Bench (Bronze)
  • Metal Detector - Successfully deploy Scavenger Bots to 15 Resource Areas (Bronze)
  • Strapped - Craft a Weapon (Bronze)
  • Circuit's Edge - Add a Circuit to a Weapon (Bronze)
  • EMT - Craft a Large Med Pack (Bronze)
  • Fully House - Craft a Weapon with 2 Tolls, Tips, and Attachments with all Circuit slots filled (Bronze)
  • Rig Master - Fully upgrade your RIG (Silver)
  • Master Plan - Create a Blueprint that needs at least 2000 resources worth of parts and Circuits to build (Bronze)

CO-OP CampaignEdit

  • From the Jaws (Bronze)
  • Share and Share Alike (Bronze)
  • Medic! (Bronze)
  • Ghosts of the Past (Silver)
  • Architect (Bronze)


  • Axes High (Bronze)
  • Payback (Bronze)
  • Go for the Limbs! (Bronze)
  • And Then We Doubled It! (Bronze)
  • Slow Mo (Bronze)
  • Blast Corps (Bronze)
  • Shootbang (Bronze)
  • Empty Chamber (Bronze)
  • Dropping Acid (Bronze)
  • Electric Lawnmower (Bronze)
  • Overpowered Healing (Bronze)