Diabolical Pitch

Diabolical Pitch
Developer(s)Grasshoper Manufacture
Publisher(s)Microsoft Studios
Release date(s)April 4th 2012
PlatformsXbox 360
Diabolical Pitch Is a kinect game that was released on Xbox live arcade on April 4th 2012. It was developed by Grasshoper Manufacture (famous for games such as Shadows of the Damned and Lollipop Chainsaw) and published by Microsoft Studios. In interviews the game has been targeted for a mature audience. The game is played like a thrid-person arcade shooter where instead of firing guns, you throw baseballs at livling amusement park dolls. Diabolical Pitch contains 20 achievements, totaling up to a weak 200G to be obtained.



  • Greedy! - Score 7 triple sevens (5G)
  • Wrong Sport, Pele! - Kick away 10 dolls or more (5G)
  • Saving for a Rainy Day? - Collect 100 coins or more (20G)
  • Buying a House? - Collect 500 coins or more (20G)
  • Par for the Course - Clear an area without taking damage (Other then Extra Areas) - (10G)
  • You're Up and Running! - Area cleared with all dolls totally destroyed (20G)
  • Don't Break your Shoulder! - Throw faster than 105 mph (10G)
  • Was that Actually Cool? - Clear an area without using a diabolical pitch (Other than Extra Area) - (5G)
  • You Hate Losing, Don't ya? - Use Area Retry or World Retry 10 times (5G)
  • Are you a Catcher? - Successfully catch 51 times (5G)
  • Card Collector - Collect 30 types of baseball cards (10G)
  • Hardcore! - Acquire all 64 baseball cards (10G)
  • Do You Remember? - All types of Diabolical Pitch used including the Union Ball (10G)
  • That Was Slow! - All worlds cleared in single-player mode
  • Plenty of Free Time - 2,000 dolls knocked down (5G)
  • Overuse Can Be Deadly - Use 200 Diabolical Pitches (5G)
  • Something to Brag About? - Clear all worlds without taking damage from the first area until the end of the extra area (10G)


  • Pals - Cleared a world in multiplayer (10G)
  • Best of Friends - All worlds cleared in multiplayer (10G)