Doriotos Crash Course

Developer(s)Wanako Games/Behaviour Interactive
Publisher(s)Microsoft Game Studios
Release date(s)December 8th 2010
DLCDoritos Crash Course City Lights
PlatformsXbox 360
Doriotos Crash Course is a 2D platform game released on Xbox Live Arcade in 2010, It was and is still free to download. The game is inspried by shows such as: Sasuke, Ninja Warrior and Wipeout. Doritos Crash Course contains 15 achievements, totaling up to 300G to be obtained.


Main Game (No DLC Required)

  • American Hero - Finished the USA Levels (20G)
  • Euro Star - Finished the Europe Levels (20G)
  • I'm Big in Japan - Finish the Japan Levels (20G)
  • Tarzan - Swung from rope to rope 10 times in row (10G)
  • Frequent Flyer - Fly from fan to fan 20 times in a row (15G)
  • Hopscotch - Bounce from trampoline to trampoline 12 times in a row (20G)
  • Sore wa kantan desu - Finish Japan level 4 with a time of 1:40 or better (10G)
  • Going for Gold - Earn a gold medal on each level (40G)
  • Roadrunner - Run faster than your maximum boost (10G)

Xbox LIVE Online Multiplayer (No DLC Required)

  • Competitive Spirirt - Beat a friend in an Xbox LIVE race (10G)
  • Social Climber - Finish every level in Xbox LIVE (15G)

Doritos Crash Course City Lights (DLC Required)

  • London Bridge - Survive the collaspsing bridge in London 5 (40G)
  • Party Pooper - Pop 5 balloons in a row without touching ground (20G)
  • Hats off to You! - Get launched through the magic hat in Vegas 5 (40G)