Hello and welcome to our FAQ. The experience our users have each individual is key to us. Whether it's contributing, navigating the site, chatting with fellow members - it all counts! That's why, we have put together a FAQ to help users when they're tackling problems and they need our help.

Adding pagesEdit

We like our pages to be in a set format so each user is familar of how pages are set up, making it easier for new users to get used to the system. Step by step instructions can be found here:

  • First of all create an info box, or, copy this in the sources tab, not visual:  
{{Template:Infobox game
|name = (insert name of game here)
|image = (insert picture of game)
|developer = (insert developer)
|publisher = (insert publisher)
|date = (insert day of release, remember to seperate Europe, America, Australia and other places if they came out on different days)
|platforms = (avalible platforms go here, e.g xbox, ps3 blah blah blah)}}
{{Template:Infobox game
|name =
|image = 
|caption = 
|developer =
|publisher = 
|date = 
|DLC = 
|platforms = }}
  • Now write a bit about the game. You can use our template, but, it's not vital:
(Name of game) was released worldwide (most countries) on Month Day, Year. It is the (number of games produced in series) game in the (series name) franchise to be released, and, the (chronological order number) game in chronological order. (name of game) contains (number of achievements/trophies (achievements/trophies), totaling up (how much gamerscore/how many bronze, silver, gold and platinum) to be obtained. 
  • Now, here is a key part. You need to categorise achievements into categories like campaign, multiplayer, misc etc. This is done by seprating them by using "Headline 2"
== Campaign (No DLC required)== (again, remember this goes in your sources tab)
  • When listing achievements, please make sure you use this template in your sources tab)
  • = bullet point

It would be nice to let the reader know how much gamerscore of how many trophies he/she obtains by completing each section too.

Creating a Gamertag/PSN Infobox for your profileEdit

If you've been exploring some user profiles on our Wiki, you may notice that some of us that little infoboxes, similar to the ones you see on pages. These are separate and have their own template, which can be added to your profile by editing it. I (Jerbuta) am going to be adding a Gamertag infobox for Pathaleon since he doesn't have one, i'll show you how to do it!

  • First of all I am going to go to Pathaleon's profile and click edit.
  • Then, click visual if you're not already on it,
  • Go to the template box on the right hand side, and click "add other templates"
  • Search: Xbox360infobox_avatar
  • Then, you will be promoted to do all the cool stuff with your new infobox, fill out all the information! 
  • Oh and by the way, please put the image size to 64x64 and this image might help you when trying to find your avatar picture

This is how you can find your gamertag avatar!

  • And that should be it, you're done! Hopefully..