Skulls of Shogan

Skulls of the Shogun Boxart
Publisher(s)Microsoft Studios
Release date(s)January 30, 2013
PlatformsXbox 360
Windows 8
Windows Phone
Skulls of the Shogun was released worldwide (most countries) on January 30th, 2013. It was initally released as an Xbox 360 Arcade game, but was later released on Windows 8 and on the Windows Phone. Skulls of the Shogun contains 20 achievements, totaling up a measly 200G to be obtained. 

Statistics (No DLC required) Edit

  • Out of Line - Complete the Shores of the Dead on Normal difficulty (20G)
  • Victor of Victorious... Victory - Complete the Land of Eternal Blossoms on Normal difficulty (20G)
  • Gum-Splattered Lock-Plucker - Complete the Land of Monsoon Meadows on Normal difficulty (20G)
  • Sound of One Hand Applauding - Complete the Land of Golden Harvest on Normal difficulty (20G)
  • A Shogun Is You! - Complete the Land of Frozen Fortunes on Normal difficulty (20G)
  • Devil Inside - TO BE FINISHED