Sonic Adventure 2

Developer(s)Sonic Team USA
Release date(s)October 5th 2012

Xbox 360
Nintendo Gamecube

Sonic Adventure 2 was originally released on the Nintendo Gamecube and Sega Dreamcast in june 2001, It was released to celebrate Sonic's 10th aniversary. It is the seventh chronological installment and is a sequel to Sonic Adventure. Sonic Adventure 2 contains 15 trophies totaling up 8 bronze, 5 silver and 2 gold to be collected.

Main Game

  • Hello World - Play your first stage in Sonic Adventure 2 (Bronze)
  • HERO! - Complete HERO story (Bronze)
  • DARK! - Complete DARK story (Bronze)
  • Beyond Good And Evil - Clear LAST story (Silver)
  • Mission Complete - Get A RANK on all missions in any stage (Bronze)
  • You Are The Legend - Win A RANK in all stages in Story Mode (Gold)
  • Boss Attack - Clear all 3 modes in Boss Attack Mode (Bronze)
  • Emblem Collector - Unlock 90 emblems (Silver)
  • Emblem Mania - Unlock all 180 emblems (Gold)
  • Speedy Race - Win NO.1 in expert level in kart race (Silver)

Chao Garden

  • Chao! - Name your first Chao (Bronze)
  • Heaven or Hell - Raise a HERO Chao and a DARK Chao with your hero and dark characters respectivley (Silver)
  • Chao Raiser - Raise all 5 properties of any one Chao up to level 10 (Bronze)
  • Karate Master - Beat all your enemies in Super Level in Chao Karate 1P mode (Silver)


  • Level 4! - Play all level 4 stages in Action Race, Treasure Hunter and Shooting Battle (Bronze)